Food Tasting Location

Mozart’s Restaurant

Haidmannsgasse 8
1150 Wien

Traditional Austrian fare, delicious Food, Craft Beer and local wines served until late. That’s Mozart’s, right next to Vienna’s Westbahnhof. With its cozy but stylish traditional Austrian interior and authentic food it’s a place one has to visit, especially when getting hungry for some real Austrian food.

The old benches and handcrafted wooden decorations make you guess how long this place must have been around.

Nestle into one of the few small niches the restaurant offers to have a romantic late night one-on-one or get a big table to enjoy a night of Schnitzel, Knödel, Weinschenke Burgers, Beer, Wine and good atmosphere with your friends. Nightowls are also welcome. We’re open from 6pm until late, 7 days a week.


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